Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Science and Cells

Cells are wonderful things, who knew something so small could do so much? Except sometimes, it's hard to keep track of all of the things that a cell can do!
CELLS alive is a great interactive and FUN site that will help you remember the important parts of both the plant and animal cells.

TyPos...I don;t thikn so!

Need some help editing your work, or feel like you always miss the most obvious errors after a peer points it out to you? Use this online resource to help you with your proofreading skills to identify common errors (especially those made on that computer that spellcheck doesn't pick up!)

"proofread and correct their writing using guidelines developed with peers and the teacher" p. 132 The Ontario Language Arts Curriculum


Need some help with math? Check out this site and play some online games to help improve your math strategy. More specifically it will help with your number sense and numeration to represent, compare, and order equivalent representations of numbers, including those involving positive exponents.


Grade 8's to follow along with our unit on Patterns in Human Geography, I have found a great online game! While it is fun to play, you must use strategy to build towns, cities and roads in places that will benefit you the most (around water, wheat, wood, etc.) you need these resources to help you build roads, but if you do not place your settlements in good areas initially it may hinder you throughout the game. Who knew learning could be this fun?

"identify and explain the factors affecting population distribution (e.g., history, natural environment, technological development, immigration trends/patterns)" - p. 72 Ontario History and Geography Curriculum

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Things to Do!

Play around with words and see what you can come up with! It will get you thinking about what words can be made from bigger words and how to arrange the letters to create new ones!

Speaking of words...need a new one or help spelling one? Check out and to help you out with assignments while online.

Want to get your mind thinking? Check out This might be a sensitive subject to some, but it should hopefully get you thinking critically about world issues and make you more globally aware. Feel free to post a discussion topic or question after you have played the game.

Probably one of my most favourite sites out there...what better way to stay on top of the weather in your own city, in Australia, Brazil or anywhere in the world? Look at radar systems, weather cameras, ski and snow report, you name it, whatever the weather, it has it!

Miss. Davis


Just found a neat resource that you can view online, order for free and even receive a weekly planner to help you with your healthy eating and physical activity. Check it out!

Miss. Davis


Hello grade 7 & 8 Gifted! Welcome to our blog! Hopefully this blog can be a place that is useful, will provide you with links that are helpful and interesting and be a point of discussion and provide you with the information you need for homework and class assignments!
Feel free to post at any time, with questions or comments (please keep it class related) and I will do my best to check back often to answer them, or hopefully a fellow classmate can answer it if they know the answer!

Miss. Davis